Pilots that can be scaled quickly

i3 Ignite provides a tool-based, training and advisory approach to bridge the gap between solid strategy and impactful implementation. We are catalysts who work directly with execs and teams charged with implementing innovation. When your pilot or trial needs to be structured to mirror what will happen in the real world—we are your go-to-solution.

As practitioners in several highly regulated industries, we created and applied unique approaches and tools to address pilot challenges. We’ve been on the line for structuring new product / service trials and bringing them to market in a way that delivers fast revenue growth. When both business and consumer behavior must change for the new service to be successful—we are your go-to-solution.

In healthcare, delivery of new service models requires thinking through challenges of simultaneously getting adoption by physicians and usage by consumers. If you are attempting to scale innovation within your organization—and you are encountering roadblocks like people and environment—extreme prioritization and alignment around how to get impact quickly is required. If your innovation teams need guidance, training and tools to breakthrough these challenges in 100 days or less—we are your go-to-solution.


Scaling means you are able to grow revenue at a faster rate than the incremental costs supporting revenue. You need to think about scaling when you have validated demand for your product or service and have a business model ready to expand to new geographies and markets. Here’s some food for thought on a few critical challenges of scaling…

The first critical issues in scaling often relate to people. How do you know the person being hired today as project manager is highly likely to be running regional operations in 18 months? How do you structure the organization today so that you won’t have to restructure every 90 days over the next 24 months? How do you think about titles and compensation when you have 10 people growing to 100 employees in a year? The passion and commitment you’ve built in your culture have to be replicated in every location. What are the ways to do that?

Everything needs to be about generating revenue. Your exec team needs to demonstrate that they can simultaneously evolve strategy and translate it into effective implementation in the moment.

As an executive, YOUR time investment must make a difference. “I have so much on my plate….how do I prioritize? How do I keep my focus when there is so much to do? How do we know we are on the right track?   What data do we use to diagnose daily why our KPIs are moving in the direction they are? (leading indicators)

How can you help your team? What assumptions do they hold about the likelihood of success in scaling? What data is insightful to making decisions today? Do you have it or not? What can direct observation and iterative lines of questioning reveal about lack of competencies? Is the team receiving guidance about the critical challenges associated with delivering results in a consistent, repeatable way?

What techniques enable your team to quickly scale innovation that requires physician adoption?”

i3 Ignite is expert at scaling service companies. One of our principals scaled a new healthcare delivery service in a way that the company cash-flowed its growth and successfully exited to private equity in year four. We guarantee you’ll see significant progress in 100 days or less.

Guided Conversations

A lot of variation in performance is not an uncommon problem for innovative companies. But it’s unacceptable when scaling revenues and customers. The sales organization needs to find a way to predictably repeat success. And it needs a way to quickly onboard new reps who can ignite revenue growth.

Guided Conversations is an approach developed when physicians (in an innovative model) were required to participate in sales—a very difficult thing for them to do. The approach worked. And not just with physicians. It has worked equally well with sales organizations (up to 50 people) outside of healthcare. We know it can work for you.

Guided Conversations is anchored by a streamlined, customer-in buying process that captures the stages and activities that your sales reps / teams encounter every day. The framework is customized through conversations and observations with sales reps / teams currently performing at different levels. Starting with a common view of different stages of the relationship, all customer-facing reps learn techniques that will allow them to guide the conversation in a way that helps the prospective or current client recognize how your company can help them. 5 simple questions that everybody can master—igniting sales growth for your company.

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